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EMT- Company is a privately-owned, diversified team that believes in Partnership, Focus and Vision to create growth through value-creation. The company builds up and seeks out sustainable and profitable investment opportunities in both the private and public sectors, which not only provide optimum stakeholder value but brings out essence of partnership and not forgetting sustainable contributions to the communities in which the Group operates.

EMT has in depth experience, combined with an intimate knowledge of the regional economy, enables EMT Team to discover, nurture and provide access to the best business partnership, opportunities and solutions across the region, supported by wide network of committed personals.


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Partnership - Focus - Vision


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Every successful or failed project is as a result of people. RIGHT people are the backbone for any successful organization or project. At EMT we understand well the role and contribution of every individual is key for our victory hence we work so close tapping into the particular strengths of every staff to create teams that deliver great results. Our SUCCESS is based on every individual contribution being able to bring out the best of our teamwork. EMT Comprises of professional and competent team driven by new age experience of success in different fields


  • We understand that our clients rely on us to help them succeed. We treat our clients as partners, and together we enjoy longevity and great success. We strive to offer viable solutions that are mutually beneficial to our clients and industry
  • We foresee the assignment and project' end result and take the necessary steps to make it happen. We approach everything with a sense of urgency. Results matter. We execute with excellence. We never stop trying to succeed. We always solve the problem at hand, no matter what setbacks and obstacles we may encounter bringing the project to its successful conclusion. There is always a solution. We never stop asking, "Is there a better way?" We never willingly accept second best. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
  • We are flexible and can adapt to any situation of market that may occur. We understand that being flexible allows us to offer solutions and create opportunities. Business growth and success relies on understanding and adaptation.
  • We have the power to make decisions and take accountability for our actions. We take responsibility and ownership in all that we do. We celebrate success and see failures as opportunities for growth. We are individually responsible for our own attitude, happiness and success
  • We maintain the highest standard of integrity. We are open and honest with each other and our clients. We keep our word.
  • We build long-lasting partnerships with everyone we work for or with, understanding the future belong to partnership and reputation
  • We have the awareness to acknowledge each others' strengths and weaknesses and the ability to work with others to overcome setbacks. Helping someone else succeed is as important as succeeding yourself.
  • We are loyal to the partners and clients by looking out for their best interests. We care about the company's overall welfare and act accordingly.
  • We maintain the foresight to see what's best for the company and what the next market trend will be. This includes a careful mix of creativity, ingenuity and development that spans across sales, marketing, production, customer service and management
  • We try not to take ourselves too seriously and remember to laugh in the face of adversity and have fun!

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